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Benefits of Recording Your Corporate History Benefits of Recording Your Corporate History

   Benefits of Recording History:

    Building Product Branding

    Create Historical Perspective


    Public Relations

    Building Employee Pride

Benefits of Recording Your Corporate History

Over the years, HistoryConsultants has established solid relationships with both local and national marketing firms enabling us to coordinate and consult in the creation and design of a professional marketing portfolio utilizing your organizationís unique history. Making your history work for you provides tangible benefits such as:

  • Building Product or Company Awareness/Branding
    • Increase sales
    • Build greater product knowledge and corporate branding
    • Expand global markets with enhanced credibility
    • Reinforce corporate values and culture

  • Creating Historical Perspective
    • Demonstrate organizational stability
    • Preserve organizational heritage
    • Celebrate important company milestones
    • Increase employee pride and loyalty
    • Identify corporate change over time such as growth and changing environments

A professionally researched corporate/institutional celebration or history project yields a variety of finished products such as brochures and media kits. These materials strengthen corporate values and goals offering additional benefits. Material developed from this project can be utilized in marketing, public relations and much more.

  • Marketing
    • Collaterals
    • Multimedia
    • Traveling Exhibits or displays
    • Convention Materials

  • Public Relations
    • Historical Materials for Community Outreach
      • New and existing customers
      • General Public